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NOTE: This page is no longer being updated. Newer fanfic can be found here. (There is a small amount of overlap between the two pages, but not much.)

Stories are sorted by fandom, and then alphabetically by title. Fandoms that only have one story are filed under 'misc'. I will warn for sexual content (S), violence (V), humor (H), and darkness (D), as well as alternate universe (AU), crossover (XO), and unfinished stories (WIP). There is a mix of gen (no relationship), het (m/f), and slash (m/m) on this page; individual stories are not labeled as to which they are, but het and slash have the pairings marked, so anyone with a reasonable sense of logic can figure it out.

Feedback is welcomed. This can be anything -- short, long, positive, constructively negative, anything. (Flames of a "slash sucks!!!1!" sort will just be laughed at; honest critical comments and good-natured heckling do not count as flames.)

Controlled Circumstances
Bad Girls, from Wesley's point of view.

Debts - S
Ethan needs help escaping from the Initiative. Written for Secret Slasha 2001. (Ethan/Oz)

Endgame - H
Becoming, set to "Endgame" from Chess. Wackiness.

Strength of Magic - S
A discussion -- of sorts -- of magic and times past

A Thousand Ways to Die - D V
Giles has far too many dreams...

To Serve in Hell - AU D S
No one is ever truly safe. AU to the Wishverse AU (though I could argue that it's not a double-AU, just set within the Wishverse). Written for Secret Slasha 2003. (Darla/Cordelia)

True Love - S
Be careful what you wish for; you may get exactly what you say you want. Written for Secret Slasha 2002. (Ethan/Spike)

White Christmas - D
Jenny comes back for a visit, having fulfilled her side of a bargain. (Giles/Jenny)

harry potter
Bird's Eye View - H S
A rather unique angle on Harry and Ron. (Harry/Ron)

Counting Down from Infinity
Draco pays a visit to Harry. (Harry/Draco)

Mark of Loyalty - S D
There is a very fine line between loyalty and betrayal... Written for Mistletoe Magic 2005. (Snape/Lucius Malfoy)

Malfoy an' Potter, sittin' in a tree... (Harry/Draco)

Power of Three - D
"There's a magic spell for everything, if you look hard enough. ... If you're willing to pay the price." And in wartime, it's a lot easier to pay the price -- especially with friends by your side. Written for Mistletoe Magic 2005. (Trio-focused)

Shattered Silence (Silence) - D
Harry visits the grave of an old schoolmate. (Silence 1)

Shadows of Silence (Silence)
Harry gets a visitor. (Silence 2)

Silent Decisions (Silence) - WIP
Harry makes a choice. (Silence 3)

Some people say true things. Some people lie. Some people do both at the same time.... (Snape/Lucius Malfoy)

Trying To Fly - WIP
Harry and Ron discover each other. (Harry/Ron)

Wolf Moon
It can be hard to be a "tame" werewolf... especially when the one person you have to trust to keep you safe, is the one person who hates you. Written for Mistletoe Magic 2005. (Snape/Lupin)

invisible man
Double Entendre - H
If Hobbes and Darien are making like bunnies all weekend...what happens on Monday? (Darien/Hobbes)

Storyteller - D
Hobbes tells a story (Darien/Hobbes)

What Dreams May Come - D V S
Darien dreams; Hobbes is predator and prey. (Darien/Hobbes)

lord of the rings
Catch a Falling Star - S
In the Shire, some games mean more than others. (Merry/Pippin)

In a World of Strangers
Things aren't what they used to be, and mushrooms are no longer important. (Merry/Pippin)

pirates of the caribbean
Elizabeth has dreams. (Elizabeth/Jack, as far as I can tell.)

Semi-random missing scene, set after the pirates have been defeated but before the return to Port Royal. (Norrington/Jack)

Suspended Animation - D
What happens to Bootstrap Bill between the cannon and the end of the movie. Yes, I'm slightly demented. Your point is?

stargate sg-1
Daniel misses an appointment, and Jack misses Daniel.

Another Day - S
The events of "Window of Opportunity" give Jack an opportunityy. Several. (Jack/Daniel)

Black Ice
I still maintain that Jack would never voluntarily consent to being a Tok'ra -- but that Daniel might. (Jack/Daniel)

Crystal Scars - D
Jack deals with the aftermath of Cold Lazarus. (sort of Jack/Daniel)

The Healing of Old Wounds
Jack gets a surprise visitor

Daniel loses his mind. repeatedly.

Daniel helps Jack recover from the events of Desperate Measures. (Jack/Daniel)

To Drink from the Waters of Lethe - D
Jack makes a realization. Again. (Jack/Daniel)

star wars: tpm
Born to the Purple - H S
Qui-Gon. Obi-Wan. Stranded. Island. And coconuts. Response to a challenge. This was my first fic in this fandom, so beware... (Obi/Qui)

Ceremony of Innocence - D
Obi-Wan has issues with the Naboo assignment, and the Jedi Council acts stupidly. (Obi/Qui)

Young Obi-Wan goes on a field trip, and gets into trouble.

An alternate perspective on Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon. (Obi/Qui)

No Middle Ground - H S
Qui-Gon has a problem with sex, and then a problem without sex. Response to a challenge. (Obi/Qui)

The Only Constant (1 of 2) - D S
Obi-Wan dreams about the future, repeatedly. (Obi/Qui)

The Only Constant (2 of 2)
Obi-Wan dreams about the future, repeatedly. (Obi/Qui)

Juxtaposition (Buffy + Jonathan Creek)
Giles and Adam exchange places, in a weird Hellmouthian happening known as Deus Ex Plottus Pointus, and chaos ensues. (Giles/Jenny, Adam/Jenny)

misc (unfiled)
Bangkok Nights (Chess) - S
The Russian and the American reach an understanding of sorts (Russian/American)

Last Night of the World (Classical Mythology) - S
A momentary interlude during the Trojan War (Peisander/Achilles)

Falling Towards Grace (Ladyhawke)
All stories have a beginning that needs to be told.

86412 (VR.5) - AUish
The Committee tries to Persuade Oliver to cooperate. sort of AU.

Drabbles (Buffy)
Miscellaneous drabbles

Drabbles (Harry Potter)
Miscellaneous drabbles

Drabbles (Lord of the Rings)
Miscellaneous drabbles

Drabbles (Pirates of the Caribbean)
Miscellaneous drabbles

Drabbles (Stargate)
Miscellaneous drabbles

Drabbles (Star Wars: TPM)
Miscellaneous drabbles

Drabbles (Firefly)
Miscellaneous drabbles

Drabbles (Various)
Miscellaneous drabbles